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I have felt a renewed sense of hope that I will one day be able to return to my active self. After seven years of feeling like I was slowly getting worse, with Kristi's help I am slowly getting better.  And, I appreciate Kristi's holistic approach and her willingness to research my symptoms when she doesn't have a ready answer." - Chris Leonard

"Kristi follows a truly holistic approach in her treatment. She is incredibly compassionate and personal yet never lacks thoroughness in her research and preparation. She always went the extra mile, providing me with lots of materials and different treatment options.” - Urs Koenig, Ph.D., MBA; Owner, Redpoint Coaching

“Having never been to an acupuncturist before, I was hesitant and wary prior to my first meeting with Kristi. Almost immediately upon meeting her, I was put at ease not only by her professionalism and knowledge, but also the passion she exhibited for the world of Chinese medicine<. Her words showed the breadth of her knowledge, and her actions exuded confidence and approachability. With that comfort level established, we immediately began a course of treatment addressing my ongoing digestive issue. This course of treatment involved acupuncture, as well as a Chinese herbal tea remedy. Within a very short amount of time, this issue that had been plaguing me for several years seemed to come under control. I cannot truly express the positive impact this change has made in my day-to-day life. I am extremely thankful to Kristi and would highly recommend her services.” - Neil V.

“Kristi, I just wanted to report that my back feels fine—that, after one treatment I no longer have the backaches I had before. Thanks for the work you did.” - G.R.

“I came to Kristi with a variety of health problems, including asthma, menstrual issues, digestive issues, and joint pain. My treatment included acupuncture and Chinese herbal pills and teas. I have a very sensitive system, and Kristi did an excellent job selecting herbs that were gentle and not irritating, and that accommodated the pharmaceutical medications I take. My health has continued to improve over the half a year or so I have worked with Kristi. I'm very thankful for Kristi's support and for her treatments!” - M.M.

“I feel grateful to have met and worked with Kristi both on back pain and in preparing my body for pregnancy. In both cases, I enjoyed feeling that I was taking the time to do something positive for my health and well-being. During the time we worked together, my back pain improved and I am now five months pregnant. I was also going through an emotional time following the death of my father and Kristi's sensitivity and care for mind, heart, and body were incredibly helpful. Kristi effortlessly blends compassion and professionalism. I felt that I was in good hands and really enjoyed the collaborative process of working with her. I recommend Kristi's services without reservation.” - Erin B.

“I was seeing another acupuncturist before Kristi and she referred me to her. It has been a blessing that I was referred to Kristi. I have made a lot of progress and am very happy with the way Kristi listens to what my needs are for treatments.  I would tell anyone to come and have Kristi treat them.  She will do what it takes to heal you!” –Terry S.

“I first went to Kristi for help with some pain 5 or 6 years ago. I've since been back during both of my pregnancies for herbs and acupuncture treatments, and can not say enough about her approach and level of knowledge. She listens to what you have to say and is kind and caring. We should be so lucky to have all health care professionals practicing at the same level as Kristi.” –Elif C.

“I appreciate how well Kristi listens and her attention to detail. She is patient and always shows a true concern in finding solutions. Kristi's treatments have made a noticeable positive impact on my health overall. I started seeing Kristi specifically for stress and sleep issues and the results far exceeded my expectations. Falling asleep and staying asleep has improved tremendously. I would highly recommend Kristi's services to anyone!” –Dan C.

“My first acupuncture experience was with Kristi and I could not imagine going to anyone else!  She is kind and compassionate and has a way of putting you at ease, even if you are nervous (which I absolutely was).  After her treatments, I always leave feeling great-- calm, relaxed, and happy.  In fact, I usually feel better as soon as I walk into her office, which is peaceful, comfortable, and immaculately clean.  One of the things I love the most about her is that she looks at the big picture and tailors each treatment to your unique needs.  I can't say enough great things about Kristi.” –Ashley A.

“I have so thoroughly enjoyed working with Kristi. She is one of a kind, especially these days. Her individualized care comes through every time, and you have no doubt that she truly cares about your personal well-being. She relates to you like a real person, not just a clinical case. That said, she is also top-notch as a clinician, and is sure to take all of your factors into account regarding treatment. I feel extremely lucky to have found her.” - M.S.

“I highly recommend Kristi to anyone who is seeking acupuncture treatment, especially for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive.  I started seeing Kristi at the very beginning of my pregnancy, about 8 months ago.  I've been very impressed with her knowledge of Chinese and Western medicine when it comes to reproductive health.  She's been such an excellent resource during my pregnancy, taking the time to answer my many questions.  I was relatively new to acupuncture when I started seeing Kristi. Her calm and patient demeanor put me at ease and her office space is very relaxing and serene.  The acupuncture treatments have been so helpful in relieving pregnancy symptoms, chronic stiffness in my neck and shoulders, and also in reducing my stress level.  I feel so relaxed after each treatment.  I will definitely be continuing treatments with Kristi after my baby is born!” – Mary Beth H.

“I started seeing Kristi after a number of IUI attempts at a fertility clinic. Those treatments were not successful, and the fertility drugs and stress and had left my body out of whack (unpredictable cycles & erratic BBTs) and me dispirited. I quickly began to look forward to my treatments with Kristi not just for the acupuncture, which helped to both calm and energize me, but due to Kristi herself. She seemed to genuinely care for my health and well-being, she was a great sounding board for my many fertility concerns, and she offered fresh insights on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors and choices. Kristi brings a whole body / whole person approach to her practice, and I've realized enormous value from seeing her. Through her acupuncture treatments, thoughtfully prescribed supplements, carefully concocted herbal formulas (I've had many, many cups of "stinky tea"!), and recommendations on diet, stress, lifestyle, etc., Kristi has helped me to restore my balance both mentally and physically. Based on Kristi's advice, I have made a number of lifestyle changes that continue to benefit me today. My cycles have become longer and more regular, and my BBTs have come closer to following a "normal" BBT chart. But perhaps an even greater benefit is that Kristi helped me get through a dark and challenging time. She provides a safe, harmonious environment where it's okay to laugh or to cry (I've often done both -- sometimes in the same session). She's a good listener, is wise beyond her years, has a great sense of humor, and is a caring and effective practitioner.” – Jamie.

“After enduring three years of expensive fertility treatments, resulting in failure, including a few miscarriages, I am now the mother of adorable, boy-girl twins. I thank Kristi Stoddard for this. I was told by the fertility clinic that they had over a 90% success rate with my particular situation: IVF with donor eggs after successful natural pregnancies. While going through that process, I was also receiving acupuncture and Chinese herb treatment from another fertility acupuncturist, well known in the Seattle area. But nothing was working, so I decided to go to Kristi. She has a solid base of knowledge, due to her extensive training, and kept trying to look beyond the obvious. She didn't just continue with a "cookie cutter" approach that wasn't working. One cycle later, both embryos implanted, resulting in a successful twin pregnancy. We could not be happier. I wish I'd gone to her sooner and I recommend her to everyone I know struggling with similar issues. She is smart, skilled and personable - not just fantastic at her job, but a good, kind person. Kristi is just what you need when dealing with an emotional medical issue. There is no way to possibly thank her enough.” – Lisa.

“After 6 months of trying to conceive with no luck, I decided to have some fertility testing done. I found out my FSH level was almost 16. At 35 years old, it seemed my chances of getting pregnant were extremely low. I started researching my options and came across Kristi's website. During my first visit, Kristi and I spent over an hour talking about my history and my expectations. I never felt so 'listened to' by a medical professional before. I felt very comfortable in her care, and confident that if I was able to conceive, Kristi's treatments would help make it happen. After just a few sessions, I knew we would be successful, as I was also charting my cycles and could 'see' my cycle regulate. Sure enough, after less than two months of treatments with acupuncture and Chinese herbs I found out I was pregnant! I now have a healthy and beautiful 3 month old son!” – Melissa M.

“I came to Kristi feeling discouraged and hopeless after failing to sustain early pregnancies. At the time I believed I just needed to maintain a pregnancy, but what I also needed was a self-care routine for myself. Kristi provided a safe and nurturing environment coupled with skillful clinical care. She normalized my anxiety and maintained a hopeful stance. Again, I became pregnant but this time the outcome was different. Throughout my pregnancy, Kristi masterfully partnered with me to provide excellent care. I looked forward to our visits which also served as reassuring focal points throughout my 41 weeks of pregnancy. At approximately 37 weeks, Kristi's treatment enabled my breech baby to move into the correct position. This transition allowed me to have a successful vaginal delivery with no medical intervention. Today, our son charms and delights. We are so grateful for Kristi's dedication and compassion.” – Abigail

“Kristi cared for me as a "whole person," which meant so much. I felt as if she was part therapist, part acupuncturist. I believe that the acupuncture treatments and herbs had much to do with helping me maintain and prepare for my pregnancy, and for the birth of my son.” – Lara

“I saw Kristi for about 9 months on my journey to get pregnant for the second time. I figured acupuncture could enhance my fertility treatment (IUI) that I was undergoing at a local clinic. I was a little apprehensive at first as I had never had never participated in any Chinese medicine. Kristi has a wonderful bedside manner and is extremely down to earth. She is very current on the recent developments in infertility. She immediately put me at ease. I am 21 weeks pregnant and I believe the acupuncture and herbal therapy I received from Kristi, made a difference. I have continued to see Kristi during my pregnancy as I continue to see the health benefits. I always feel better after I receive treatments, plus Kristi's office is new and very calm and relaxing. She is as good as it gets!” –Michelle




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“When trying to conceive, I realized that I was likely not ovulating. About 48 hours after an acupuncture treatment with Kristi intended to promote ovulation, it occurred and we conceived. Kristi took a thoughtful, compassionate approach to my treatment and I feel lucky to have had her help.” - Tera Schreiber

“I had been trying to get pregnant for about 9 months when I first went to see Kristi. Friends had told me that acupuncture worked wonders for fertility and at that point (although I was skeptical having had only one less than optimal experience with acupuncture before) I decided to give it a shot. Kristi was very open, honest and easy to talk to about where I was with my fertility journey. After 5 months of treatment that included acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine we found out we were pregnant! Our insurance also does not cover this treatment, but every cent is worth it - I feel much better each and every time I see Kristi and I am 100% certain that it made a huge difference in my fertility and continues to make in my overall well being through pregnancy. I have to say that I also have had chronic knee pain for years and while that is not what I initially went to see Kristi about, the combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs I know made all the difference and my knees have been pain free for months now. I cannot recommend Kristi highly enough - she is a dream!” - Erin C. Harris

When I first visited Kristi I was at the tail end of a five year struggle with infertility. I felt too physically and emotionally drained to ever get pregnant or to sustain a pregnancy, and I wanted to feel “well” again. After several failed rounds of Clomid, I just needed to get back on my feet before considering assisted reproductive techniques like IVF. Acupuncture was amazing because I felt like I was doing something so positive for myself, without such a focus on achieving pregnancy; this in turn made the dreaded “two-week wait” less oppressive. I enjoyed not worrying so much about getting pregnant, and I really, really liked not feeling a sense of failure every month. Kristi is a kind, warm-hearted and professional caregiver who I believe is guided by a genuine desire to see her patients be healthy. I very much appreciated her willingness to listen to all of my concerns, and to structure my treatment accordingly. I credit Kristi’s treatments with enabling me to get past what had become crippling despair and a lack of hope, to eventually finding peace with a different journey to motherhood. And in the meantime, I have referred my husband and other family members to her and they have all benefited from her treatment as well!" - Deborah V.

"After trying unsuccessfully for a year to get pregnant, we went to my gynecologist for help. She suggested several things, including a referral to Kristi. I had never tried acupuncture but was willing to give it a go. I started seeing Kristi and she prescribed a combination of acupuncture and herbal remedies. Kristi was very thorough in her work with me. She took an extensive history and closely monitored my body's reaction to the treatments she was giving me, making changes as needed. After 4 1/2 months of treatment we found out we were pregnant, and I am now in my last trimester! Working with Kristi was very easy. She was extremely sympathetic to our situation and the emotions involved in trying to get pregnant, took time to explain what she was doing, and was very accommodating in scheduling appointments, etc. I would highly recommend her services to anyone." - Julie H.

“I was skeptical to visit an acupuncturist at first. How could needles and herb tea make any difference in my fertility? My husband and I had tried to get pregnant for over a year without success. I was 38 and starting to wonder if it ever would happen. So, we made appointments with a fertility specialist and with Kristi. We wanted to know if there were any obvious hindrances to our fertility, and underwent a battery of hormone, semen and physiological tests. Everything was normal! Meanwhile, I started acupuncture treatments 3 times a month and drinking the herbal teas that Kristi recommended. Nothing happened the first month, but I did find the sessions relaxing and the tea soothing, so I kept coming. In the second month of treatment, however, one of my blood tests revealed a marked increase in my progesterone levels. I learned I was pregnant on day 28 of my cycle!
I know many factors contribute to successful conception, but after so many months of trying, my heart tells me that Kristi’s treatments were an essential component of our ability to conceive. And we are grateful!” - No Longer a Skeptic

“At 39, my partner and I had been trying to conceive for a year and a half and were tired and discouraged. I had been taking Clomid and timing artificial inseminations (IUI) with my gynecologist for many months, but had not yet had any success. My body had always behaved well before – I am healthy, take good care of myself, and had been generally worry free – and did not want to go to the next level of “interventions” that a fertility specialist might recommend. When a friend told me that she had had some success with acupuncture, I called Kristi. I found her to be smart, professional, straightforward, accommodating and warm. Eager to try something that would give me a sense that I was improving my chances of conception, but wary that I would have to choose between Eastern and Western medicines, Kristi assured me that acupuncture and Chinese herbs could be used to support my other fertility treatments. She listened thoughtfully, answered my questions carefully and provided additional research when I requested it. Kristi’s thoroughness inspired confidence and our sessions were brief periods of calm and hope in an otherwise challenging time. Happily, after 5 months of our work together, I am now pregnant and looking forward to the next chapter in my life.” - J.R.

"When I started working with Kristi, I had been told my my doctor and a fertility expert that I had a very low chance of being able to conceive using my own eggs. I was in my late 30s and my hormonal profile indicated that I was heading straight into early menopause. My period was irregular and I had a short luteal phase. My husband and I had read about the great advantages of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, especially in combination with stress-relieving activities (e.g., meditation, yoga) and wanted to give it a try. Despite my depressing diagnosis, Kristi took me on as a patient. She was very realistic about it, but managed to still give me some hope. Over the course of four months, working with Kristi on a regular basis, I watched my period and ovulation become more regular and predictable and my luteal phase getting longer. At the end of those four months, I got pregnant! Even more fantastic was that the pregnancy proceeded without any troubles, as I continued to work with Kristi. Our healthy and beautiful son was born without any complications a day after his due date. I cannot thank Kristi enough for her help with bringing me back to reproductive health, and for helping me through the pregnancy. She is a fantastic acupuncturist, and a great listener too. I highly recommend her!” - Caroline

“After over 2 years of trying to get pregnant, my husband and I decided to seek professional help. Our mainstream care providers suggested testing the "hardware", taking prenatal vitamins, and using ovulation predictor kits. Using the over-the-counter kits, I could never quite determine when my body was ovulating and wondered if, at 39 years old, it had stopped. My doctor suggested an ovulation enhancing drug. After continued unsuccessful attempts, I decided to look for an alternative approach. A friend recommended Kristi. During our first visit, Kristi was the first and only medical professional ever to study the basal body temperature charts I had been keeping monthly for several years. She was the one who noticed that the first phase of my menstrual cycle was actually quite long. Thus, the typical 7 day ovulation test kit wouldn't pick up my LH surge. Genius! We then worked on normalizing my menstrual cycles and preparing my body for conception using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After receiving excellent care and finally conceiving, I decided to stick with Kristi for my entire pregnancy. Throughout our sessions, she demonstrated her expertise time and time again with compassion and understanding.  I am indebted to Kristi, not just for helping me conceive, but for helping me have a healthy pregnancy, and today, a beautiful, healthy young boy.” - G.M.

“Prior to finding Kristi, I had been seeing an acupuncturist downtown for over a year, initially to aid in the healing of an abdominal myomectomy and later to enhance my fertility. I was 38 years old and my husband and I had started trying to conceive. While I hadn't been diagnosed with fertility problems, the myomectomy was cause for alarm in my mind. When we moved up to north Seattle, I did a search online for an acupuncturist closer to our home. I found Kristi's website and after reading her biography, felt she was a good fit for me. I was right. Kristi was so thoughtful and calming and brought a wonderful knowledge and depth to each session. I learned so much from her and found myself really looking forward to my treatments. After just two months of working with Kristi, I became pregnant. I continued treatments with her throughout my pregnancy right up until our baby was born. I am happy to say that we had a healthy baby boy just two days after his due date with no delivery complications. I attribute the success of our conception and timely birth to Kristi. She's a wonderful acupuncturist and I am so grateful to have found her.” –N.E.

“I can't say enough kind and credible things about Kristi!  I have been a patient for 3+ years and recommend her to anyone I know.  My initial reason for seeing her was to give my body the best possible chance to conceive naturally.  Since seeing her I have given birth to a healthy baby girl and have another on the way.  You don't have to have fertility issues to see Kristi. She even helped me get rid of a nagging sinus cold with one treatment!” –Amy O.

“After three years of infertility, I finally tried acupuncture.  Kristi came highly recommended.  She asked a lot of insightful questions, researched my particular health conditions and put much thought into an individualized treatment plan for me.  After trying nearly everything else, I was initially skeptical about spending the time--but it was so worth it.  I'm glad to say I am now the mother of a healthy baby boy, and Kristi's thoughtful treatment was a part of the success.” –Laura F.


“Kristi takes the time to get to know you and is considerate of your needs and concerns. Kristi is very professional, easy to speak with, and has a calm and caring demeanor. I feel a huge sense of relief to have finally found a great acupuncturist.” – K.P.

“Kristi is so wonderful to work with! She really felt like a team member (and sometimes leader) along a somewhat painful and often confusing time trying to conceive. She was knowledgeable and non-judgmental, letting me lead the way and working seamlessly with me to combine Western and Eastern medicine.” – C.S.